Jan 17: MCCIA a Prestigious Chamber of Commerce, Pune

Visiting the MCCIA: Mahratta Chamber of Commerce Industry & Agriculture.


Her Excellency Ms. Jagne, His Excellency Mr. Bah and Mr. Fofana were warmly welcomed by Director Mr. Kopardekar at the MCCIA HQ in Pune.

Discussions about building bridges between trade partners in India and The Gambia, along with knowledge based exchange seminar required to be hosted by The Gambian embassy at the MCCIA were discussed extensively.

We are hoping to host a seminar to get businesses and agriculturists from Pune / India region to be more aware of the potential in The Gambia. Possibly around April this year. 


Jan 17: Weikfield Food & Renewable Energy



Weikfield has been in the Indian food industry for many decades now and a name in every household, from the time we all possibly learnt and experienced our very first Jello or Custard:)


Now, under the able arm and dynamism of the Director Mrs. Malhotra, Weikfield has also branched into Renewable Energy and innovative products, like solar road studs, glow paint, etc. 

It was a pleasure to meet with Mrs. Malhotra and to discuss various possibilities of trade for their products in West Africa and also possible future fruit packaging and food processing businesses that can come up with availability of Fresh Fruits and food produce from The Gambia to be exported to the EU and other African Countries. 





Jan 16: Fisheries & Solar Power

What's Common In Fisheries & Solar Power? 


Well a lot is in common, the primary being POWER / ENERGY!


We had guests from Aurangabad and other parts of Maharashtra who were keen on the following, which will help the economy of The Gambia and can benefit many fishermen in the ECOWAS countries. 

1) Solar powered Cold Storage for fish and fruits / perishable products. 

2) Solar powered boats and storage on board for fishermen to store their catch, and not throw back into the sea dead fish and pollute the oceans.

3) Solar powered assistance to fishing villages for their daily livelihood and based on MICRO GRID projects villages can benefit from this energy too. 


Besides the above, our keen investors showed interest in INDEPENDENT POWER PROJECTS for which Her Excellency Madam Jainaba Jagne stressed the need for them to come to The Gambia and see for themselves the potential in IPP, CAPTIVE POWER, ROOFTOP POWER, MICRO GRIDS and more.


Besides these, we had an active discussion on FISHERIES and growing Aquaculture and Fish in Ponds, where Lobsters, Prawns, Fish and other seafood can be harvested. 

Mr. Atul and Akash Malav, experts in this field spoke at length and showed ways in which we can move ahead with these pond cultures. 



Jan 16: Tour of The Campus MCES

Tour of The Maharashtra Cosmopolitan Education Society


Our Gambian diplomats enjoyed the tour of the education society, AZAM CAMPUS in Poona.

Spread over 30 acres of land, this campus is a marvel and wonder.


It houses schools for children from 5 years old and colleges for students doing their post graduation. 


28,000 students study here every day in various subjects and various fields. 

3,000 students are living in the hostels on the campus.

This campus has churned out various athletes, sportsmen and women that have played in won on national levels and state level championships.



Cute kids dressed up in Gambian attire, greeted our guests and fed them a Gambian dish that they prepared in the Culinary & Arts section. Hats off kids. Great Job. 


This followed by the Campus tour that lasted almost an hour, an educating and self teaching tour. Heads UP!




Jan 16: Maharashtra Education Society Visit

Maharashtra Education Society & Prof. P A Inamdar


Prof P A Inamdar, the CEO of this elaborate education institution has turned around 2,000 stundents in 1985 to 31,000 students today. Expected to reach 85,000 students by 2020!!

From only 4 institutions under the MCES umbrella, they are at 35 institutions today!!


Our Diplomats received an overwhelming welcome, tour of the campus and culminated with a fantastic Q&A session with the students and felicitations. 

My personal THANK YOU to everyone:





And All the staff and other teachers. 

We were indeed honored to see and have MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT, MRS. VANDANA CHAVAN amongst us to welcome and have a light moment with Her Excellency Mrs. Jagne and other diplomats. 




Jan 16: Inamdar Hospital Visit.

Inamdar Hospital in Poona


A prestigious hospital based inWanowrie, Poona. 

Run super efficiently by Dr. Inamdar, son of Prof. Mr. P A Inamdar, the head of the Maharashtra Education Society, again a reputed and human centric school.

Dr Inamdar takes pride in keeping this hospital super clean and due to its super specialty of Ortho Transplants, Pulmonary, Cardio and other medical technologies to take care of the patients, this hospital holds a reputable position. 

12 Floors of ultra modern, well equipped hospital to serve any type of emergency and normal delivery of babies too :)



We have invited Dr Inamdar to visit The Gambia and help in revamping the existing Banjul General Government Hospital, or even to start up a private hospital of his own and bring AFFORDABLE TECHNIQUES to the masses and reduce the cost of health.

This can also attract other patients from Senegal, Mali and Guinea. 

Dr Inamdar is game!!!  He is keen to visit and will plan a visit soon. God Bless. 



Jan 15: Solar, Telecom & Agro Investors

Meeting with Investors for Solar Power, Telecom & Agro investments


Her Excellency the Ambassador of The Gambia to India, Ms. Jainaba Jagne took centrestage to discussion on key investments required in The Gambia, that of Renewable Energy, Agro based industries and Telecom upgrades.


Investors travelled from Bombay to meet up with the diplomats from The Gambian embassy to discuss:

1) State Telecom upgrade

2) Agro based and packaging industry

3) Solar / Renewable energy policies, rates PPA and others. 

4) Solar powered Cold Storage for fisheries and others. 

Other general discussion. 



Jan 15: Meeting An Honorable Prof. Dr. Majumdar - Founder of Symbiosis

A Truly Humbling Experience To Meet Dr Majumdar


Prof. Dr. Majumdar, the founder father of Symbiosis Institute is in fact a stalwart in the Education field who has given up most of his life in the strife to bring quality education in affordable economic ways to girls and boys NOT ONLY IN INDIA BUT FOR STUDENTS FROM AROUND THE WORLD TOO. 

Dr Majumdar has been at the heart of this Institute and has ensured that HUMAN values live and proceed ahead of economical values especially in imparting knowledge and skill values to children from around the world.

Indeed a humbling and honored meeting. 




Jan 15: Her Excellency & Symbiosis Student Interactions

Interacting With The Students - Symbiosis International


Her Excellency Ms. Jainaba Jagne, Ambassador of The Gambia in India, was at ease and enjoyed her interactions with the students in a special seminar held by the Symbiosis Institute. 

There were questions that ranged from: 

Where exactly is The Gambia ? :) 

How big is The Gambia? 

What are the main economic factors driving The Gambia ? 

What are the chances and opportunities open to investors in The Gambia? 

An interesting conclusion of events at this special meet with students who were equally empowered by meeting an intellect from a well known British Academy. 





Jan 15 - Visit to Symbiosis University and Institutes

Educational Visit: 



This institution  prides itself as one of the best in West India and possibly one of the top 10 in India.

It was an interesting interactive experience.


Arriving at the Symbiosis International Institute, a newly formed expanded campus, catering particularly to the International students, housing, accomodation and more. 

A warm welcome to our dignitaries accorded, A WORD OF THANKS TO SYMBIOSIS :) 

A Fruitful Interaction with the team, headed by the top management at Symbiosis: 

Indeed it was a pleasure to be seated with the top management of the Symbiosis team and be greeted, welcomed and then Felicited too, this was a pleasure.


Key discussions included: 


1) Scholarships for students, even upto 100% FULLY PAID. 

The school was very gracious to award 5 student scholarships , fully paid ( excluding airfare etc )


2) Bringing new students from The Gambia to the university, as the campus is ranked amongst the best in the world and also the fees comparatively to other nations are more economical and affordable. 

3) Students COMFORT LEVEL in the Symbiosis campus is far better, more adjusting and no discriminatory than other colleges around the world

4) Develop programs for TEACHER REFRESHER courses.

5) Possible signing of an MOU for joint venture between the Symbiosis and the Ministry of Education in The Gambia.