Jan 15 - Visit to Symbiosis University and Institutes

Educational Visit: 



This institution  prides itself as one of the best in West India and possibly one of the top 10 in India.

It was an interesting interactive experience.


Arriving at the Symbiosis International Institute, a newly formed expanded campus, catering particularly to the International students, housing, accomodation and more. 

A warm welcome to our dignitaries accorded, A WORD OF THANKS TO SYMBIOSIS :) 

A Fruitful Interaction with the team, headed by the top management at Symbiosis: 

Indeed it was a pleasure to be seated with the top management of the Symbiosis team and be greeted, welcomed and then Felicited too, this was a pleasure.


Key discussions included: 


1) Scholarships for students, even upto 100% FULLY PAID. 

The school was very gracious to award 5 student scholarships , fully paid ( excluding airfare etc )


2) Bringing new students from The Gambia to the university, as the campus is ranked amongst the best in the world and also the fees comparatively to other nations are more economical and affordable. 

3) Students COMFORT LEVEL in the Symbiosis campus is far better, more adjusting and no discriminatory than other colleges around the world

4) Develop programs for TEACHER REFRESHER courses.

5) Possible signing of an MOU for joint venture between the Symbiosis and the Ministry of Education in The Gambia. 






14 Jan 2018 WELCOME: Diplomats from The Gambia Embassy to Pune, India

We Welcome The Gambia Embassy Diplomats to Pune, India


We warmly welcome Her Excellency Ms. Jainaba Jagne (Ambassador at large to India), His Excellency Mr. Alieu Bah (Consul General) & Mr.Sankung Fofana (Protocol & Welfare) to Pune India. 

Indeed its a pleasure to see the diplomats land and arrive into Pune, on a Sunday (being a holiday) and to see the enthusiasm to get started with meeting up with us to discuss various events planned and meetings planned for the 3 grueling days ahead :)

Their reception at the Crowne Plaza hotel by the warm staff and the hospitality accorded is worth the note. Thanks. 

Welcome Again. 






THE GAMBIA Ambassador Visit Expected in Poona, India

Hi Guys. 

I am eagerly awaiting the visit to Poona of : 

Her Excellency Ms. Jainaba Jagne - Ambassador of The Gambia Embassy, New Delhi

His Excellency Mr. Alieu Bah - Consul General Of The Gambia Embassy, New Delhi

Mr. Sankung Fofana - Protocola & Welfare Officer of The Gambia Embassy, New Delhi

More posts to follow as they arrive and when they do, the action starts!!