Jan 16: Inamdar Hospital Visit.

Inamdar Hospital in Poona


A prestigious hospital based inWanowrie, Poona. 

Run super efficiently by Dr. Inamdar, son of Prof. Mr. P A Inamdar, the head of the Maharashtra Education Society, again a reputed and human centric school.

Dr Inamdar takes pride in keeping this hospital super clean and due to its super specialty of Ortho Transplants, Pulmonary, Cardio and other medical technologies to take care of the patients, this hospital holds a reputable position. 

12 Floors of ultra modern, well equipped hospital to serve any type of emergency and normal delivery of babies too :)



We have invited Dr Inamdar to visit The Gambia and help in revamping the existing Banjul General Government Hospital, or even to start up a private hospital of his own and bring AFFORDABLE TECHNIQUES to the masses and reduce the cost of health.

This can also attract other patients from Senegal, Mali and Guinea. 

Dr Inamdar is game!!!  He is keen to visit and will plan a visit soon. God Bless. 



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