Jan 16: Fisheries & Solar Power

What's Common In Fisheries & Solar Power? 


Well a lot is in common, the primary being POWER / ENERGY!


We had guests from Aurangabad and other parts of Maharashtra who were keen on the following, which will help the economy of The Gambia and can benefit many fishermen in the ECOWAS countries. 

1) Solar powered Cold Storage for fish and fruits / perishable products. 

2) Solar powered boats and storage on board for fishermen to store their catch, and not throw back into the sea dead fish and pollute the oceans.

3) Solar powered assistance to fishing villages for their daily livelihood and based on MICRO GRID projects villages can benefit from this energy too. 


Besides the above, our keen investors showed interest in INDEPENDENT POWER PROJECTS for which Her Excellency Madam Jainaba Jagne stressed the need for them to come to The Gambia and see for themselves the potential in IPP, CAPTIVE POWER, ROOFTOP POWER, MICRO GRIDS and more.


Besides these, we had an active discussion on FISHERIES and growing Aquaculture and Fish in Ponds, where Lobsters, Prawns, Fish and other seafood can be harvested. 

Mr. Atul and Akash Malav, experts in this field spoke at length and showed ways in which we can move ahead with these pond cultures. 



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